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Key Differentiators

Advanced Scheduling Visualization

We are raising the bar. 5280 Book offers 5 schedule types to meet the unique needs of your business.

Best in Class Notification Engine

5280 Book provides the easiest way for you to communicate with your clients of any scheduling platform.

Intuitive Client Booking

Clients can easily find the service they want on a day with availability. No muss, no fuss.

5280 Book is a next generation scheduling application that is best in class. We are so glad you have taken the opportunity to learn more and see what we mean when we say 5280 Book is by far the best scheduling platform on the market.

5280 Book is a full-featured scheduling application that uses the latest security available to protect your business and protect your clients.

Build your business

5280 Book has numerous features which help to grow your client base and keep those clients coming back. From One-Click Booking, to a Loyalty program, to a powerful client notification engine, 5280 Book gives you all the tools you need to keep your clients happy.

Manage your staff

When you take care of your staff, your staff will take care of your clients. From easy visual scheduling to helping staff track their earnings, 5280 Book has it all.

Keep your clients happy

Keep your clients happy. 5280 Book provides the easiest way for clients to schedule an appointment of any scheduling platform. When clients can't find your availability they can't schedule an appointment. And don't forget One-Click Booking; designed to help grow your business, we use the latest in Artificial Intelligence to send next appointment recommendations to your clients (optional, of course).

Now, let's get past the marketing fluff

5280 Book has taken several years to get to the powerful tool it is today. We brought a team together that has decades of experience in the Salon and Barbershop industry to make sure all of the key elements needed to run your business are available, and done in an easy intuitive way.

The other half of the team has decades of software development and technical know how. Salon owners aren't in the business of writing software, nor should they be. Likewise, these technical folks have no business trying to write a scheduling application for the salon industry. They just don't get it. And they agreee.

Check out the other software on the market and you will see what software develpers create when they don't understand what it means to be in your shoes. We will do our best to illustrate and highlight these differences with videos, working examples, and images.

5280 Book has tools which help you easily send notifications to clients to remind them of an upcoming appointment. And after their appointment, you have the option to send a notification when clients are ready for their next visit; One-Click Booking recommends a new appointment to clients including staff, date, time, and services conveniently sent via email or text. One click and done.

5280 Book includes a loyalty program you can use to keep those clients happy and coming back. Other scheduling software products require you to upgrade to a more expensive package for this feature. 5280 Book offers this for free.

5280 Book includes product usage as part of an inventory system that tracks backbar usage as part of every appointment. You can now more easily keep products in stock and not run out at an inopportune time.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. We see plenty of room for improvement and are commited to continually enhance 5280 Book. That said, we are confident the first version of 5280 Book is more than a match for the other scheduling applications available today.

Other services like MindBody can't make this commitment. MindBody is written on technology so old that it would be quite nearly impossible for them to fix what is wrong. So, they bought another software company instead, Booker. Their plan is to migrate all MindBody clients over to Booker and just scrap their old platform. How do we know? Been there, done that. It is just too costly to rewrite a system as large as MindBody unless it was built with enhancements in mind from the get go, um, kind of like 5280 Book.

MindBody is also a public company which means they must grow revenue by 20% every year either by adding clients or increasing prices. Money spent on improving the software takes away from this goal, and consequently from executive bonuses. It will never happen.

5280 Book is private and will always be private. We have no pressure to meet sales goals.

So, what do you think? Give us a try and you won't regret it. We will help you migrate your business to 5280 Book, for free. Covid 19 has taken a big chunk of money out of your business. Now it's time to fight back. Make the fiscally responsible decision and use a full featured scheduling platform.

How does 5280 Book make money and stay in business? Well, for starters, we keep costs down, way down. No big executive bonuses here. But honestly, we do have expenses and features that cost us money will cost you money in the form of a premium service, for those that want it. The free version of 5280 Book has absolutely everything you need to run your salon or barbershop. The premium features will help those businesses that want to grow their client base and increase revenue. When you make money, we make money.

What are those features? Well, sending text messages is quite costly so that will be a premium feature. One-Click Booking, designed to help grow your business, uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence to send next appointment recommendations to clients. That is also a premium feature. Multiple locations will also be premium.

Finally, if you like what you see, please recommend 5280 Book to others. The more people sign up, the faster we can add enhancements for you. On the other hand, when you see something you don't like or want added, please, please, please let us know so we can continually improve 5280 Book. Email us at

Thank you

The 5280 Book Team

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